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Some Basic Guidelines to Remember

  •  PioneerCity Classifieds are a FREE SERVICE offered by the Village Web.
  •  The Village Web reserves the right to refuse any ad.
  •  1 photo may be included per ad - attach to submission.
  •  Be sure to include contact information.*
  •  Let us know when to remove your ad.
  •  If you don't see a category that you think fits your ad make a suggestion - we'll consider it.
  •  PioneerCity Classifieds and the Village Web are not responsible for the accuracy of any ad so buyer beware.
  •  New ads, changes, and deletions normally occur within 24 hours but may take longer.
  •  Business ads may be subject to an insertion fee. You will be notified if your ad falls into the business category.
  •  Events should be submitted to the community calendar found on or
  •  The more people who know about PioneerCity Classifieds the more effective it becomes so share it with your friends!
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* blind ads are available, but you must request this option when submitting ad.

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